Friday, July 3, 2009

WRITE UP / 07.02.09

I did less gaming on my flight than I thought I would.  A lot of the time was actually spent reading a book!  And that's what I'm going to do right now too, so to keep it short:
  • I played a little bit of Final Fantasy Tactics A-2 on the plane.  I think I'm progressing slowly, but I'm still eager to get my soldier switched over to ninja as soon as I learn that class.  One thing that's been frustrating me is the placement of some of the enemies from quest to quest.  Today I was battling gunslinging moogles and one of them spawned on top of this huge tower.  None of my units could climb that high so I was stuck knocking 13 points off of his health every 8 turns with my single archer.  That was more than a little frustrating.
  • I also played more Brain Age, but haven't touched the game in more than 24 hours.  How did my brain age actually slip from my first test I'll never know, but hopefully it'll all clear up in the next week.  The training that's open to me is kind of boring so I'll have to roll the clock back and make sure I get another stamp in order to continue unlocking new methods.
  • More Wii Play Tanks.  Jenna and I are trying really hard to clear the game, but we always seems to be cut down in the final seconds.  Hopefully in the next week or so we'll get through and I'll be sure to write something up about how good it feels to finally conquer the minigame.

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