Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cracked explains World of Warcraft is usually pretty hit or miss with their content in my mind, but this explication on what playing World of Warcraft was definitely a hit.

In the past few weeks my counter strike community has closed its server and most of the players have migrated to World of Warcraft.

The pressure is mounting, but I'm doing my best to remain steadfast against playing the game. I've never been one for MMO's, mostly due to the monthly fee I'd have to pay to play. Besides that, there's always the amount of time it would take to get up to speed. Maybe you can call me lazy, but there's a lot of effort I'd have to put in to play WoW with my friends that have already been playing for the past couple of weeks.

Anyways, please check out Cracked's feature on learning World of Warcraft with Super Mario Bros. at

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