Monday, July 13, 2009

WRITE UP / 07.13.09

Today was a busy day of gaming for me. Plainly put I picked through as many games as I could and played what I managed to in spurts.

1) I woke up and played a couple of rounds of Battlefield 1943, but without Zach on and playing as well it wasn't as much fun. Despite this I got through two and a half rounds before turning it off and doing something a bit more productive. The teams in each of these rounds were pretty even though, which is extremely fortunate after last night's terrible matches where a lot of the players on the other team were quitting early on and leaving one player stranded behind them. My team came out victorious of course and I even scored the highest on the last game I played.

2) A couple of hours later I tried playing Street Fighter IV online. I won two out of the 10 or so matches I tried to play. The other 8 matches I spent on the ground or frantically trying to sweep my way out of corners. One opponent spammed Sonic Booms as Seth until I cursed loudly at the end of the two rounds. Its as if a whole opened up in the universe, a boot came out, and kicked me in the ass. As much as I'd love to play more SF IV online, I can't imagine I'll be in the mood for such punishment in the near future. That play session still netted me an extra 30 gamerscore points though, 20g for winning my first match online, and 10g for setting a new title and icon.

3) I also played about 20 minutes of Mirror's Edge before I realized again why I put the game down after enjoying it so much. Before I had stopped playing ME, I was trying to complete the speed runs the game rewards achievements for. The speed run for Jacknife is about 10 minutes long, but my obsessive nature has me restarting every time I think I've wasted a second or two, even though I'm sure if I just completed the mission I'd have it cleared under the wire. My previous time on Street Fighter IV had me feeling pretty defeated though so I put the game back on the shelf.

4) I played Peggle on my iPhone for a breif time as well today while I was watching the latest section of the Bonus Round on Gametrailers. I've been trying to complete each map at 100% but Birdy's Crib continues to evad me. Each attempt I think I get closer and closer to completing it, but towards the end of the level, the pegs are too disjointed and spread out for me to get each one with my remaining shots.

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