Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PLAY AT E3: The Conduit multiplayer

Conduit multiplayer was a lot of fun, mostly because I owned (20-7). Controls were quick, responsive and extremely customizable. I was pulling off pretty quick shots too. If there are any troubles it just takes a little practice.

While graphically it wasn't as sharp as Red Steel 2's stylized visuals, but it still held up among other Wii titles.  I think a lot of focus was put on getting the game out the door in a playable fashion.  They seem to have worked so hard on the controls that everything else won't matter.  You could say that The Conduit is the jumping off point for Wii FPS titles.

The match I played was on a map of streets and warehouses.  We played with the explosives weapon set.  Of course the spawning weapon is a rocket launcher, but a grenade launcher and an alien explosive weapon was also available to players on the map.

The most important thing to note: the box in which your reticule aims without turning you is completely customizable.  If the first Red Steel's bounding box is your thing, you can extend the box to the edge of the screen.  I struck a balance somewhere in between.  My bounding box was stretched a little wider than taller to accompany for enemies appearing in horizontal areas.

Unfortunately I was still zipping off too far to the side.  Maybe because I was playing at the convention it was too easy to lose where the sensor bar was placed.  I'll try to check out the single player demo of the conduit at Sega's booth over the next two days.

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