Monday, June 22, 2009

Many happy returns...

My Xbox 360 made its way back to me today.  I can't help but question just what they did to it.  It was at the service center for four hours before I was notified by email that it was ready to be shipped back to me.  This might have sent me for a loop, but I just assumed that I was going to get a new Xbox in place of my RR'd one.

This was not the case.  I opened the package from UPS today to find the same scuff marks on the side of my console (along with a 1 month Live Gold card taped to the side).  I shrugged and happily sat the console in its place after redressing it with my Alan Wake faceplate from E3.

I snapped this picture just moments ago.  I'm happy to have it back.  A friend had loaned me his, but its nice to know that I can give it back now and continue the use of my own console.

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