Tuesday, June 2, 2009

That's the Name of the Game - 11 (E3 Day 1)

I've thrown up a Day 1 review of the news and topics coming out of E3 2009.  Of course I have a lot of in depth coverage here, and if you're coming over from bscreview.com I welcome you and hope you stick around (and maybe leave a comment or two).  Here's a quick snippet from That's the Name of the Game:

Lots of big news is piling out of E3 2009, and today is only the first day the Exhibit doors are open. Of course it helps that Microsoft, Ubisoft, and EA (three of the biggest exhibitors) held their individual press conferences yesterday. Nintendo and Sony had their press conferences this morning. All together, there was a lot of news to process.

Keep your finger over the F5 key here at PLAY READ WRITE as well.  I'll be cleaning up the posts I've made all day while also adding more and more tomorrow.  Any suggestions to what I should be checking out tomorrow?

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