Sunday, June 21, 2009


FURTHER READING has gotten a little lazy around the edges. I think part of the problem is that there are days where I'm not on my computer and obviously that makes it hard to find things for FR. Another point: I think FR is a feature that enables me to be lazy about posting everyday. Of course, if it weren't for FR then my daily posts would be made up of my thoughts on what I read or what I played that day. In any case, I'll continue to soldier on with FR while also trying to maintain some daily writing on further topics. Over the weekend I read (and watched) this stuff:
Lately I've been craving some old-school games. The other day I played maybe half an hour of Nintendo 64 and its inspired me to think about some Good Ol' Games. I'd love to be able to pop Super Mario RPG into an SNES, but alas my collection does not extend that far. Hopefully the next couple of weeks will find me in a job with some financial strength.

I've also been thinking about Game On, a store a teen opened in Denver at the age of 18. I'd really like to visit this store next month when I head to Colorado for family. Maybe I'll put some interviewing skills to the test and come away with a couple of tips in video game entrepreneurism.

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