Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PLAY AT E3: Red Steel 2

I just finished trying out Red Steel 2. The graphical style fit well, but the sword didn't respond as fast as I would have liked.

The demo opens with the character waking up in the desert.  An enemy is standing over you.  The camera reveals that your hands are bound and then that the enemy has you tied to the back of his motorcycle.  After being drug through the desert, your hand is freed and you pull a shot off at the motorcycle rider.  The enemy manages to slip away and you are tasked with giving chase.

As you progress, you find a pistol and then a katana.  The player also picks up money from boxes, lockers, and fallen enemies.  By the time I had finished the demo I had already amassed over 2000 gold (or whatever currency the game uses).  The developer who helped to guide me through the demo said that this money will be used to buy things like ammunition as you progress through the game.

Overall, I'd say that Red Steel 2 is miles ahead of how the original performed.  Motion Plus adds to the over all control and the sword does not operate in strictly vertical and horizontal slices.  Now you have to use very broad gestures "because the katana is a big sword."

I recorded a little bit while playing through the demo.  I'll have a download for that a little later.

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