Sunday, June 28, 2009

I played a lot of Wii yesterday and it made me miss it. It was a shame I had to sell it but I'm sure it'll find it's way back to my work station in some form or another. I played Wii Sports and Wii Play with Jenna. We managed to blast our way through to level 19 on the tanks game. It was fun and very casual. The whole experience was tied together by having to teach adults how to play too. Ultimately I don't know how much use a Wii would get at home because I think a large part of the fun I had yesterday was the social aspect of gaming. I usually keep an eye on what's going on with the Wii but ultimately there hasn't been anything to get me excited in a long time. What new channels are coming out? What big games are coming out exclusively on the Wii? I think I get enough time with the Wii from month to month that I don't need to buy one right now (not that I could anyways).

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