Thursday, June 4, 2009

PLAY AT E3: Army of Two 40th Day

Army of Two didn't really do it for me when I played it near it's release.  EA is giving it another shot and they're trying to sell it through organic co op.  They've also tried to put more character and story into their "disaster game."

A helicopter carrying a car smashes into a building, and the players are immediately thrust into the action.  Cover is also automatic.  Are you the kind of person who saves the civilians or do you shoot them all?  When surprising enemies you can tie them up.  You don't have to save the civilians but if you do they'll help you with rewards and weapon parts.  When one player can't see what the other does they use co op tagging to give the other player directions.   When out numbered you can mock surrender, and the take out the enemies in style.  The city certainly emits a feel of chaos and the developers are trying to keep away from re typical video game fair, which is good because the original title only offered co op to stay unique.  The players are in an office building and the roof gets lifted off right above their heads.  Boy the frame rate sure does suck though.

Now we're in a museum level and a cinematic has the characters loading up on weapons.  A officer enters, when you decided to continue taking the weapons you slap the gun out of your face.  The gun goes off and the bullet recochets through the officer's head.  Finally they're showing us the weapon customization, which they're calling "Lego for guns."

And that's it.  Nothing really special there in my eyes.  Who knows, maybe there's something I missed.

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