Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Work Station

I don't think I've detailed my work station here before, and with the return of my Xbox 360, I think now is as appropriate a time as any. I love seeing where other people game or work. I think its interesting to see their specific interests, what they choose to show off about themselves, or just absorb some cool decorating ideas. Maybe its just my curiosity, but I can't help but be entertained by seeing what consoles someone has, what DVDs are on the shelf, what game systems they're playing.... Anyways, enough about other people, more about me!

Starting from the left side of the image:
1. Xbox 360 Pro (20 gig hard drive) with 364/500 Alan Wake face plate.
2. In the drawer: two 360 controllers, a wavebird, cables, and copies of Windows XP and Leopard.
3. HP all in one printer on the floor.
4. Macbook Pro.
5. Aluminum keyboard, wired.
6. Samsung 26" LCD.
7. Notebook, headphones, business card and other assorted items.
8. Shelf full of Xbos 360 games, Gamecube games, and PC games.

Maybe some day in the future when I have nothing to write about I'll detail what's on the shelf. Somewhere out there is a website that applies the same concept to gamer social networking, but I'd much rather just lay it all on PLAY READ WRITE.

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