Tuesday, June 2, 2009

PLAY AT E3: Brutal Legend

Up next: Brutal Legend

Brutal Legend was a lot of fun, and had some surprises.

The player is Eddie Riggs, a roadie whose belt transports him to an alternate dimension when it gets a little blood on it. The model is very clearly inspired by Jack Black and the voice fits. Its good that he's only voicing the character though because I can't really stand Jack Black in reality.

After crash landing in this alternate dimension, Eddie finds "The Separator" and then his guitar. The Separator is an ax that serves as the primary weapon. The guitar takes on new abilities, like that of striking enemies with lightning or blowing them up with fire. The guitar does overheat though, so you can't overuse it. Little details make the game come to life, like Eddie shaking his fingers after the guitar overheats.

You battle through numerous enemies and the jokes fly. Finally you come to an arena where you find a set of notes that act like Ocarina of Time's songs. In this case you awaken a boss character that you have to defeat with your hot rod.

Possibly most surprising about the demo was that the game world is actually an open world with specific landmarks that will take you on further missions against the forces of evil.

Little story was revealed but we did see Ozzy Osbourne team up with Eddie in a mission through hell. The jokes flew here and it seems like Brutal Legend will be a title full of life, humor, and color. Look out for it later this year (if Activision's law suit doesn't stop it from being published).

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