Sunday, June 7, 2009

PLAY AT E3: Muramasa: The Demon Blade

There were a few last titles I had gotten a chance to lay my hands on at E3 that I haven't written up yet. One of those was Wii title Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

Muramasa is a 2D title from Ignition that has the player taking the role of a character exploring feudal Japan. As you platform through levels you'll encounter enemies and collect souls. The battles are fun and contained in arenas, but with long strings of combos and lots of different attacks you'll clear the screen in a single stroke of attacks. This was probably the most fun I had with a game. All of the different directional attacks empower the player to wipe out several enemies at once. You'll launch them into the air, dash into the enemies you missed with the launch attack, and then catch them all in a string of sword swipes.

The platforming was fun, but it only served as a vehicle between battles, and really I just wanted to get on with it. The combat was a lot more fun than an exploring or collecting to be done in the game.

The art style is also of note because it employs nice, colorful, 2D graphics and sprites. The backgrounds also move as you progress through them. The developers have also developed Odin Sphere so you can look at that title for reference.

I kept wanting to flick the Wii remote to attack, but in the long run I'm happy that the developer choose to map the sword attacks to the A button alone. Attacks are fast and fluid and flicking the remote would take too much time. I was trying to catch each enemy in my attack stream (which isn't hard because the arena can get a little crowded at times) and rack up long combo scores because you're graded after every battle.

Muramasa is definitely worth checking out and as soon as I can afford to I'll be picking up the title to play around with.

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