Friday, June 19, 2009

I played Resident Evil 5 with a friend last night for the first time for a respectable chunk of time. While it's too scary for me to play alone (I'm a wuss, I know), it was a lot of fun with a partner. When panicked we would both exclaim and attempt to help the player in peril. I can firmly say that I like this co-op play a lot more than Army of Two. On the topic of stopping and shooting, that really is the way Resident Evil should be played. They've already tweeked the series into an action movie in a lot of ways, but I think the pacing and fear and general style of play is grounded by stopping, shooting, and freaking out when the zombies approach. I'm hoping to spend a little bit more time with game before I have to return it to my friend. It looks gorgeous and the frame rate doesn't stop even in split screen. More impressions to come if I get to play some more.

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