Wednesday, June 3, 2009

PLAY AT E3: Halo 3: ODST

I'm about to see Halo 3: ODST behind doors, demoed by Joe Staten and Paul Batone. Brad Shoemaker is here too! Two discs will come in the retail pack. One disc is the game and the other is all Halo 3 multiplayer (maps and all). Campaign is fully featured. Firefight is a coop game mode. The theater is the same as it was in Halo 3. Extras will allow you access the Halo: Reach beta. Beginning has your ship assaulting a covenant ship. ODST cast has animated faces, player controls the rookie first. This character does not show his face. You enter this characters POV as a teammate hits you with the butt of his rifle. Next your in the drop ship. You see a lot of others dropping as well. Mission drop doesn't go perfectly, obviously. This takes place many weeks before Halo 3. This time shockwave knocks you out cold. When you wake up, you're own your own and it's night. SMG looks to be outfitted with a sniper and a scope. Visit turns on to see in low light. Friends show up as green in visor, enemies are read. Sound surpressed pistol also zooms. Takes out enemies with head shots. The tried to create a city that was shrouded in mystery. It's the same gameplay but with a new mystery story. "The Superintendant" is your only friend. He's an AI that controls systems in the city. Visor database gives you a map and tracks enemies. The city is the biggest environment they've ever created in Halo. The city is easy to get lost in because it's entirely non-linear. The superintendant gives you locations but you can drop way points as well. Co op let's your partners all set way points as well. Compass keeps you on track along with way point markers. Signs in the city also help through the superintendants control. Searching for clues once you reach the alpha site, buildings are on fire, look great in the updated engine. Flash back brings the player to "Dutch's" story, during the rookie's nap. Cinematic is shown in first person. Night time is about mystery, day time is about action. The superintendant helps Dutch blow the bridge.

Firefight demonstration is up next. All four players share from a common stock of lives. There's no set time or wave limit. Enemy waves are random, in this example there are enemy tanks and grunts. Total team points are displayed along with your own personal points. Joe says that the game isn't really open world like grand theft auto, but instead it's like a non-linear mission model.

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